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  • TM - Short url (4 characters)

    Our custom short url allows you to:
    > Maximize your post message.
    > Measure traffic to website.
    > Measure traffic to landing page.
    > Detailed stats & click counts.
    > Easy break down of post stats.
    > Quick & Easy setup.

  • TM - Easy Post Scheduler

    Our scheduling tool allows you to:
    > Setup post months in advance.
    > Set the exact time & date of posts.
    > Set post time for Facebook.
    > Set post time for Twitter.
    > Short url will track visitors clicks.
    > Perfect for promos & coupons.

  • TM - Detailed reports

    Dashboard provides the following:
    > Top follower report.
    > Verified Followers report.
    > Facebook friends report.
    > Short url Visitor stats & more.
    > Weekly email reports
    > Easy to analyize social info

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